Press Service

The heart of Amino North America Corporation (ANAC) is our fully equipped manufacturing facility in our St. Thomas, Ontario headquarters. The centerpieces of the facility are our state-of-the-art presses, including our 3,000-ton fluid forming press and our two 800-ton servo mechanical presses. This three-piece lineup is responsible for all of our forming, trimming, piercing, and flanging work.

Regardless of their age or complexity, presses needs regular preventative maintenance to maximize performance and extend their working life. Companies that depend on them particularly need to invest in skilled repair work, since replacing dated or malfunctioning presses can derail operations and disrupt balance sheets.

As owners and operators of mechanical presses ourselves, we understand the importance of well-maintained machinery. In recent years, we’ve made it a priority to provide all of our customers with high quality press repair and maintenance. To that end, our licensed millwrights and engineers lend their expertise to other companies across the United States and Canada, helping them save time and money by ensuring that their business flows without interruption.

What Our Services Include

There are 30 to 40 presses across North America presently in operation. These essential machines are used to produce parts in major industries such as automotive, aerospace, trucking, and appliances. Most of them need more service than they currently receive.

Throughout our history, ANAC has provided after-sales service for presses and heavy industrial equipment in North America. Our offerings include troubleshooting, servicing, and repairing mechanical, hydraulic, and electric equipment. All repair work carried out by our experts includes some basic preventative measures that prolong the lifespan of the press, ensuring that its owners benefit from it for as long as possible.

You can rely on our skilled service team for a number of critical tasks, including:

  • Repair, maintenance, inspection, and modification of designed equipment
  • Troubleshooting equipment that requires repairs and system improvements
  • Timely repairs that meet your work requirements
  • Strict observation of any quality standards and environmental regulations

The ANAC Team

ANAC currently has two full-time employees responsible for in-house service and repairs. These specialists also handle all work in the field. With extensive training and years of experience behind them, our repair workers are uniquely qualified for any assignment.

We pick our service experts with the utmost care to ensure that you receive top-quality work. Candidates for a service position at our company need to be licensed millwrights or electricians or graduates of an engineering program. We also require our candidates to have substantial experience in a stamping environment, as well as five years of experience in hydraulic mechanical press maintenance.

In addition to their outstanding expertise, our service personnel are independent yet highly organized workers. They also possess great interpersonal and customer service skills. Last but not least, the members of our service team abide diligently by all health, safety, and environmental policies.

Since all of our service experts are highly mobile, we’re able to send them wherever you might need them. Because they work on shifts, we can dispatch them at the most convenient time for you.

Since our founding, ANAC has been proud to offer specialized press repairs to any company in North America. If you’d like additional information on our service or schedule an appointment with our repair and maintenance experts, contact us today!

Front view of Tryout Press in facility Close up view of Tryout Press in facility