CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)

Modern manufacturing is a highly sophisticated industry, demanding exact measurement at every stage of production.

In advanced manufacturing, parts or assemblies can be tested against their design with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). This device measures the shape of an object by using a manual or computer-operated probe to detect and record points on its surface. During operation, the probe’s position is defined by its displacement from a given point of reference in a three-dimensional coordinate plane.

By identifying various points on the object’s surface, a CMM provides the user with a set of data that can be used to generate a three-dimensional model. In turn, the model provides the manufacturer with a comprehensive understanding of the object’s dimensions, enabling them to work with exact precision.


As a leading supplier of North American automakers, Amino North America Corporation (ANAC) keenly understands the importance of precision in heavy industry. To that end, our main manufacturing facility features a DEA Delta 3406 CMM with gantry architecture and a stroke of 128” X 72” X 54” (3,251.2mm X 1,828.8mm X 1,371.6mm). Capable of measuring even the largest body panels, our CMM has been retrofitted with air bearings to allow an accuracy of 0.003mm.

Gantry CMMs such as ANAC’s are an essential tool for any manufacturer that works with large or heavy parts. They’re particularly valuable when dealing with automotive and aerospace components, as well as heavy transportation, communication, and satellite equipment. Easy loading and integration with part transportation systems, ease of access to the measuring volume, and world-class dynamic and accuracy performance are only some of their many capabilities.

Benefits of a CMM

CMMs have made it possible to inspect areas that standard instruments can’t reach, helping manufacturers in a broad array of industries streamline their operations. Their practical applications include:

  • Batch measurements, inspection, and reporting
  • Capability studies
  • Cross-referencing
  • First-off inspection report (FOIR)
  • Initial sample inspection report (ISIR)
  • Digitizing of 3D forms
  • Reverse engineering
  • Tool certifications

A CMM inspection service can help your company:

  • Save time and money
  • Meet the requirement for accurate and precise measurement services;
  • Ensure high accuracy and convenience when measuring parts that cannot be moved because of their large size

With the advent of CMMs, quality assurance has become more efficient, accurate, and flexible than ever. These highly programmable machines can repeat measuring tasks automatically while eliminating the need for multiple measuring instruments, since a single CMM can be programmed to perform various measurement tasks. With the arrival of gantry CMMs, even heavy industries such as automotive and aerospace can work with high precision and simplify their quality assurance strategies.

At ANAC, we’re firmly committed to assisting our clients with a wide range of services in addition to our core production capabilities. If your company regularly manufactures large products, we’re happy to use our expertise to solve your operational challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our CMM services.

View of CMM inside facility