Assembly Service

Amino North America Corporation (ANAC) has built a stellar reputation by consistently delivering top-quality parts to our customers and continuously expanding our capabilities. Over time, we’ve evolved from a straightforward parts supplier to a manufacturing partner with a broad range of services, including full assembly and sub-assembly work. Today, we help companies in the automotive, trucking, and agriculture industries thrive by supplying the highest quality parts and developing proactive solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

We started to offer assembly services to simplify manufacturing for our clients, many of whom sent us parts that we put together with parts that we produced. We now specialize in a wide array of assembly methods, including:

  • Spot welding
  • Adhesive
  • Welding
  • Hemming
  • Anti-clutter applications
  • Fastening

We’ve also become experts in full assembly and sub-assembly, implementing lean manufacturing principles from Japanese automakers to deliver maximum quality and efficiency to all of our customers. From welded sub-assemblies to fully painted modules shipped directly to general assembly, clients can rely on us for any essential service.

The Benefits of Assembly Service

To remain ahead of the competition, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to take every opportunity to reduce operating costs and improve their production processes. By outsourcing assembly to ANAC, OEMs can minimize their investment in added services, free up valuable time for other aspects of production, accelerate manufacturing, and ensure reliable delivery during sales surges. In the process, they create significant savings for the entire company, shorten production timelines, and produce greater volumes than ever.

Other benefits of ANAC’s assembly services include:

  • Guaranteed compatibility between all parts and items
  • Comprehensive testing and quality control
  • Better inventory management and a minimized risk of overstocking or inventory depletion

An OEM’s success and profitability depends on its capacity to keep production running smoothly. It also needs the flexibility to scale output up or down in response to market demand and the ability to ensure strict quality control. Although many OEMs can handle these responsibilities, they realize that partnering with a trusted assembly services provider is a more effective route to efficiency.

Over the years, ANAC has become a trusted partner of automakers across North America. By providing full assembly service, we’re able to streamline manufacturing for our customers and ensure quality at every stage of production. Since we can handle all of these tasks ourselves, we’re able to offer our customers greater value than our competitors while providing them with greater control over manufacturing.

With our broad range of manufacturing services, ANAC is ready to provide any OEM with reliable and cost-effective solutions to all of their operational challenges. If you’re considering working with an assembly service partner, contact us today to explore our services!

Machinery including Robotic Assembly Cell Liftgate inside facility Front view of Robotic Assembly Cell Mustang in facility Front view of Bumper Assembled in 2018