About Amino North America

Amino North America Corporation (ANAC) was established in September 2002 as the first North American operation of the Amino Corporation of Japan. ANAC is a full equipped manufacturing facility which specializes in the production of parts such as automotive body panels and other steel and aluminum components using Amino’s advanced sheet Hydroforming technology. The technology is also suitable for appliance, heavy-duty truck, agriculture and construction industries.

Using this fluid forming process, ANAC is able to push back the limits of conventional stamping, producing parts that would be difficult or impossible to make otherwise. With programs ranging from sports cars to full-size pick up trucks, ANAC is making its mark as a quality provider of stylish body panels for niche steel and aluminum forming applications.

About the St. Thomas Site

Amino North America Corporation is situated in the city of St. Thomas, in the heart of Ontario’s automotive industry. The plant is two and half hours from Detroit in one direction and about the same distance to Oshawa in the other. Based on this service area, it is well positioned to supply all of the big 3 of GM, Ford and Daimler-Chrysler as well as the Japanese makers, Toyota and Honda, and the GM-Suzuki joint venture Cami Automotive. Furthermore, the large concentration of auto part suppliers in the area also provides many opportunities for cooperative projects.

ANAC has made a significant investment in the new site. The corner piece of this investment is the press line composed of 5 state of the art presses. The lead press in the line is one of Amino’s most distinctive and emblematic technologies, a 3000 ton fluid forming press. This press performs the bulk of the part forming work, creating the basic shape of even complex parts in a single operation. Following the FFP are 2 of Amino’s 800 ton servo mechanical presses, which are used to trim, pierce and flange the parts.