Press Equipment

When Amino works with customers to solve their problems, it doesn’t just develop new equipment: it also focuses on production methods and applications. Good examples of this are the mechanical‐link servo press and the incremental forming machine, where we developed new methods through partnership with in government, academia, and industry. Also, because we use parts production based on these methods in‐house, the experience and knowledge we gain that way feeds into even more advanced press development.

Hydraulic Press Single Action Deep Draw Press Mechanical Link Servo Press

Mechanical Link Servo Press

Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic Applications:

  • General Purpose
  • Special Forming
  • Hot Stamping

Servo Motor Driven Hydraulic Applications:

  • General Purpose
  • Deep Draw
  • Bending
  • Tryout

Servo Motor Driven Applications:

  • Hydraulic
  • Tandem
  • Tryout
  • Hot Stamping
Mechanical Link Servo Press

Excellent safety and easy operation

Excellent safety and easy operation

  1. Space-efficient: Can be placed in only 2/3rds the space front to back compare to the hinge inversion model.
  2. Low eccentric load front to back during reversing operation ensures precision over the long term.
  3. Vertical slide and table reverse are performed simultaneously for efficient upper-die inversion operations
  4. Because the press top (crown) opens, the upper die can be removed in the press room, die can be accessed from front or back during die maintenance.

Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet
*Specifications are subject to change without notice by improvements.

Standard attachments

  • 180° reverse
  • Die-transfer device
  • Digital display of slide position Ѵ Equalizer
  • Slide guide lubricator
  • Assorted safety equipment:

Emergency stop button, photoelectric safety device, slide locking device, alert buzzer, upper die slip prevention device

A proprietary link mechanism designed for real-world production demands

  1. The unique link structures produces big power output from small power input.
  2. Amino link structure minimizes inertial energy, and enables optimum responsiveness.
  3. Enable a free-sliding motion as the main feature of a servo press with a simpler mechanism.

Variable speed, positional control

  1. As the slide stroke is adjustable, the minimum necessary stroke can be used.
  2. Overload output can be set to suit the die, to avoid overloading the die.
  3. Speed can be set to reduce die contact noise, prolonging the dieʼs lifetime and minimizing sound pollution.
  4. The motor is idled during pressurizing phase to minimize energy requirements during pressurizing at bottom dead center.
  5. Optional parameters allow this to be used as a trial press.
  6. Speed can be adjustable in response to the slide position.

Amino Link Servo Press Mechanism Amino’s proprietary motion

Single Action Deep Draw Press

Hydraulic Press with Servo Motor/Pump drive unit: Full Stroke, Full Power

  1. This press uses servo motor to drive a hydraulic system, the press has excellent specifications, energy saving and low noise
  2. Maximum capacity 50,000kN
  3. Built to order

Single Action Deep Draw Press Single Action Deep Draw Press Single Action Deep Draw Press
  • Forming conditions charts (CSV file) is available.
  • Remote online diagnosis unit is available.

Measurement data

Image of Internet remote diagnosis

Hot Forming - 2 High-Speed Series

Hydro-Link Servo Press Mechanical Link Servo Press

Hydro-Link Servo Press

Hydraulic and link structure coming for rapid motion, high productivity and low every requirements.

  1. Quick link motion results in fast, smooth (no Shock) clamping
  2. Minimizes the time required from the clamping action until the start of the pressurizing phase.

Mechanical Link Servo Press

Even Faster than the HLSPH series, and with lower energy requirements.

  1. Pressure control is tied to the clamping action, making the process even faster than with hydro-link, for no wasted time.
  2. The serration action can be elected according to requirements.

Hot Forming - 2 High-Speed Series